Step One In Creating My Character

For my Final Major Project at university I'm creating a 3D animation following a character on a journey. I've completed the design progress and I'm looking forward to creating this character in 3D.

It started of with ideas about what I'd like the character to look like... which you can see below.

From there I had sketches of the character drawn out by Dave Ketch who apart from being my mentor for this project, hes also a bloody good artist! This is the final design I chose:

Next step, make him 3D!

Find Blog Posts With Same Niche

I came across this site which searches Wordpress blogs with any key word/ words you type, it gives 1000 posts with related to your niche.

Thought I should post it on here, I use it a lot for finding posts with similar content and leaving relevant comments with my URL and title.

If anyone knows a website that searches through Blogger blogs in the same way that this does, please leave it in a comment here. Thanks.

The History of Lego

I made this for a University project back in my first year of BA Motion Graphics, it's had over 16,000 YouTube views so it can't be that bad!

Showreel 2011

Here's my very first showreel, created in Cinema 4D and After Effects. I realise there are many tutorial clips included, but hey, I gotta start somewhere.

The music is Greenland by Emancipator, hope you like it :)

3D Butterfly Animation

My 3D project for Year 2 was basically a one minute animation about anything I like, So I made a bedroom scene, where a butterfly flies around it.

Here's my final animation.

I made it mainly in Cinema 4D, but used AE to touch it up and add sound.